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A Letter to The Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR FestPac is important By Judy Flores Printed December 3, 2019      I grew up in InalĂ„han in the 1950s when historical knowledge was limited to the celebration of our American heritage, where we studied American heroes such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The CHamoru people were proud of their Spanish heritage, where white skin and long noses were signs of beauty. Ancient times were referred to as “tiempon antis de mannungu’ hit” or the time before we had knowledge. Schools celebrated international cultures instead of our own CHamoru culture. In sixth grade, our CHamoru principal taught our class a short hula dance where we wore muumuu dresses and kept rhythm with bamboo whisks while a hula-trained classmate danced to the tune of “My Little Brown Gal”. During family parties, old people danced the batsu and sotis while we youngsters giggled at them. The jukebox at the store next door