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A special wish to all...

Merry Christmas  and Peace on Earth from my family to yours! Dr. Judy S. Flores Just a few photos I took at Mass this morning...  St. Joseph Catholic Church, Inalahan


I recently spent a very interesting four days as guest of a Japanese Chamorro dance group, Guma’ Famagu’on Tano’ Yan I Tasi, based in Tama, Japan, on the outskirts of Tokyo.   The group was founded by Professor Kyoko Nakayama, of the Teikyo University Department of International Relations.   She was inspired to form her dance group through a program initiated by Master of Chamorro Dance, Frank Rabon.   Funded by the Guam Visitors Bureau’s Chamorro Dance Academy, the program encourages the formation of Chamorro dance groups within Japan, to build awareness of Chamorro culture.   Guma’ Famagu’on Tano’ Yan I Tasi recently celebrated their fifth anniversary, and has an active dance group of more than 30 members supported by many former members.   Activities shared on their Facebook page are evidence of their dedicated work and passion for Chamorro culture.   They have visited Guam annually to participate in our Gef Pa’go Dinana’ Minagof Chamorro Dance Festival, with side tr