Guam PDN: Batik Painting with Judy Flores

 Article by Therese Padua Howe Guam PDN. Photo also by Therese. Correction and clarification: This story has been updated to reflect the correct spelling of Heather Beaman's last name in photo captions. If you haven’t taken advantage of Judy Flores’ batik painting workshops yet, you need to go online now and grab a slot in one of her monthly sessions — they sell out fast. The workshops are a unique opportunity to learn firsthand from one of Guam’s cultural icons, and it’s a master class in the ancient Indonesian art form of painting based on a wax-resist dyeing technique. The three-hour workshops take place at her garden studio in InalĂ„han, where she has tables set up in her covered patio areas for her small groups of students. I was lucky enough to spend Saturday afternoon at her July workshop, and was pleased to discover that despite my lack of artistic talent, I was able to create some colorful silk scarves that I would actually wear or could give away as gifts. Flo

Oral history from CHamoru elders...

  Oral history from CHamoru elders is important in preserving Inarajan's stories...   To read more click above.

A Leader in Guam's Art Community

 Judy Flores A Leader in Guam's Art Community              

Saint Joseph Church's 340th Jubilee Fundraiser

This year of 2020, St. Joseph Church in Inalahan celebrates their 340th year since the founding of the church in 1680.  To commemorate this event, artist Judy Flores created a painting for her parish of St. Joseph’s and produced a limited edition print to raise funds for the Jubilee celebration.  The limited edition of 350 signed and numbered prints are now available at the St. Joseph’s Rectory Office for a donation of $100 each.  Each print, measuring 37”x 17”, is accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authentication that tells the story of the parishioners featured in the print. Rectory Office hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9am to 12pm and 1 to 5pm.  For more information or to reserve prints, call the Office at 828-8102. Brian Leon Guerrero is the first to receive his prints.  He is flanked by office staff Annie Herron (L) and Father Joseph Anore (R). Submitted by Judy Flores 777-3488

Batik with Harvest Christian Academy

 24th Annual HCA Art Show   Students of HCA took a Batik class with Judy.  You can see the original post on the link here .  Scroll to the bottom of the page in the link, to find the video.  Video above can be seen on link!

Reading in Chamoru with Guma' Famagu'on Tano' yan I Tasi

Judy with Guma' Famagu'on Tano' yan I Tasi, from Japan. She read "Grandma's Love" book in Chamoru to them! See the full video in the link HERE !!

Shirley's Special Batik

  SHIRLEY’S       Batik on silk, 20”x 16”  May 2020      I rarely do commissions for portraits unless I know the subject personally.  Her daughter-in-law, Debbie, asked me to paint Shirley's portrait as a birthday gift to her husband, George.  I have frequented several of the Shirley's restaurants over the years, enjoying her excellent shrimp fried rice among other delicious dishes for which she was well-known. I had met her a few times but didn't know her personally. Portraits are so subjective, I feel I have to know the person in order to portray a bit of their personality.  Debbie shared many photos of Shirley and talked about her life and aspects of her personality that she felt were important.  Through our conversations, I was impressed with the accomplishments of this woman.  After making a few sketches based on photographs, Debbie agreed that I had captured her look and personality, so I proceeded with the painting.  Debbie was thrilled with the result, and kin