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Guam PDN: Batik Painting with Judy Flores

 Article by Therese Padua Howe Guam PDN. Photo also by Therese. Correction and clarification: This story has been updated to reflect the correct spelling of Heather Beaman's last name in photo captions. If you haven’t taken advantage of Judy Flores’ batik painting workshops yet, you need to go online now and grab a slot in one of her monthly sessions — they sell out fast. The workshops are a unique opportunity to learn firsthand from one of Guam’s cultural icons, and it’s a master class in the ancient Indonesian art form of painting based on a wax-resist dyeing technique. The three-hour workshops take place at her garden studio in InalĂ„han, where she has tables set up in her covered patio areas for her small groups of students. I was lucky enough to spend Saturday afternoon at her July workshop, and was pleased to discover that despite my lack of artistic talent, I was able to create some colorful silk scarves that I would actually wear or could give away as gifts. Flo