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GUINAHAN I ISLA-TA   (RICHES OF OUR ISLAND)  It is finally finished!  I struggled for several months, distracted by travel and other daily challenges, to create the concept, draw the design, transfer to silk and go through the several stages of batik painting.  The concept of layered forms involved a separate set of issues, deciding how much to build up the layers to create another dimension of shapes within the painting: GUINAHAN I ISLA-TA   (RICHES OF OUR ISLAND) This mural depicts the cultural treasures and natural resources of Guam from ancient times into the early 20th century.  Contemporary Chamorros use these vignettes as a touchstone to their heritage and are re-creating many of the lost arts such as the lateen-sail canoe (Sakman). The Latte- stone pillars of ancient houses are proudly referred to in stories, songs and dances.  Some practices persisted, and are now being revived as contemporary art forms:  pandanus and coconut leaf weaving, and various fish