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Saint Joseph Church's 340th Jubilee Fundraiser

This year of 2020, St. Joseph Church in Inalahan celebrates their 340th year since the founding of the church in 1680.  To commemorate this event, artist Judy Flores created a painting for her parish of St. Joseph’s and produced a limited edition print to raise funds for the Jubilee celebration.  The limited edition of 350 signed and numbered prints are now available at the St. Joseph’s Rectory Office for a donation of $100 each.  Each print, measuring 37”x 17”, is accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authentication that tells the story of the parishioners featured in the print. Rectory Office hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9am to 12pm and 1 to 5pm.  For more information or to reserve prints, call the Office at 828-8102. Brian Leon Guerrero is the first to receive his prints.  He is flanked by office staff Annie Herron (L) and Father Joseph Anore (R). Submitted by Judy Flores 777-3488