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Guam Eco Wave Art Exhibition opens in Korea

*For Immediate Release* *Guam Eco Wave Art Exhibition opens in Korea* ( Wednesday, August 8, 2018 – Seoul, South Korea) A Guam-inspired art exhibition is now on full display in one of South Korea’s largest department stores. The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) and Lotte Department Store launched the “Guam Eco Wave” exhibition at the store’s Yeongdeungpo Gallery in Seoul on August 1. The featured artwork is by accomplished Guam-based batik artist Dr. Judy Flores, as well Korean silkscreen artist Kim Gun Joo, window painting artist Kang Nanan, painter and illustrator Lee Mi Ju, illustrator Bang Ji Hee, and photographer & videographer Son Jung Chun. The Korean artists collaborated with Dr. Flores from May 26-31, 2018, to produce a series of murals in the southern village of Inarajan. The largest of the murals is of a Ko’ko’ bird that was painted on a diving platform at the Inarajan natural pools. “We’re really proud of how Dr. Flores and our visiting artists teamed

The Guam Eco Wave Exhibit in Seoul, Korea

I just returned from a fun art exhibit opening in Seoul, Korea. Guam Eco Wave exhibit was sponsored by the Guam Visitors Bureau and featured Korean artists who came to Guam and beautified Inalahan Pools Park with their paintings. I had the pleasure of working with them in my home village of Inalahan and exhibiting with them in 3 beautiful Lotte galleries over the coming 3 months!  What a beautiful group of creative people! I think you will agree after seeing the sample pieces in this exhibit. Artist Nanan showed her sensitivity, knowledge, and humor in her collages of US President Trump and North Korea President Kim Jong Un.