This painting was inspired by several visits to Litekyan at the
northernmost point of Guam, and by a recently-published book about
Litekyan by University of Guam Press, called Lina’la’ (Life).  Its
pristine, natural beauty includes rare, endemic plants that only grow in
this wildlife refuge.  Depicted here are the Gaosali, the white box flower
that grows up the side of the steep cliffs, along with more common ferns,
cycads, and the majestic banyon tree (Nunu) that extends its roots
downward from high perches in the cliffs.  Focus is on the woman and child
– the Yo’ Ampte (traditional healer), who is teaching the child about the
plants.  She is showing her the Nånasu, a small flower whose 5 white
petals grow on one side of the blossom.  Generations of children have
played the game of matching two flowers together to create a whole
Batik on Silk 2018
Size:  38”x 21”
Placed 1st at Isla Gallery (UOG) 2018 juried exhibit, Creative Hands
On loan to 35th Guam Legislature Speaker Tina Muna Barnes office.

by Dr. Judy Flores


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