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THE DOLOROSA, or OUR LADY OF SORROWS  The statue showing Mary’s pain of seeing her Son, Jesus, brutalized and crucified, is used in Catholic Churches throughout the world especially during Holy Week.  It is usually displayed on Good Friday, before His resurrection on Easter Sunday. I had a very personal experience with the Dolorosa this year.  I was asked to “touch up” a statue in readiness for our Good Friday services at St. Joseph Church in Inalahan.  This particular statue has been housed in the dome-shaped shrine in front of the church, built by the late Jesus Meno Crisostomo more than thirty years ago.  I told his son, Edward, that I would use my best painting skills but I am not trained in proper materials or procedures used in restoration of statues. What little I know is based on conservation issues of historic homes in our village.  This Dolorosa is about 24 inches high, and weighs at least 150 pounds - more than I can lift!  It is made of a very dense, heavy w…