Reading in Chamoru with Guma' Famagu'on Tano' yan I Tasi

Judy with Guma' Famagu'on Tano' yan I Tasi, from Japan. She read "Grandma's Love" book in Chamoru to them! See the full video in the link HERE!!

Shirley's Special Batik

SHIRLEY’S       Batik on silk, 20”x 16”  May 2020
     I rarely do commissions for portraits unless I know the subject personally.  Her daughter-in-law, Debbie, asked me to paint Shirley's portrait as a birthday gift to her husband, George.  I have frequented several of the Shirley's restaurants over the years, enjoying her excellent shrimp fried rice among other delicious dishes for which she was well-known. I had met her a few times but didn't know her personally. Portraits are so subjective, I feel I have to know the person in order to portray a bit of their personality.  Debbie shared many photos of Shirley and talked about her life and aspects of her personality that she felt were important.  Through our conversations, I was impressed with the accomplishments of this woman.  After making a few sketches based on photographs, Debbie agreed that I had captured her look and personality, so I proceeded with the painting.  Debbie was thrilled with the result, and kindly sen…

Visualizing History; the Art of Judy Flores Closing Merienda and Print Sale

Join us on Saturday, February 15 from 3 pm to 5 pm to celebrate the conclusion of the first exhibit of its kind at the Guam Museum. Visualizing History; the Art of Judy Flores celebrates the CHamoru culture present and past through one iconic artist's career and life on Guam. The exhibit will close with an afternoon merienda. Art prints from the exhibit are now available for sale online for $50 each, or by silent auction at the closing event. All proceeds will be donated to benefit the Guam Museum. This is a special opportunity to view this collection of art and own an exhibit art print by celebrated Guam artist, Judy Flores. The event is published at Eventbrite at Please see for more details about purchasing your exhibit print. 1.All prints are 18" x 24". 2.Frames are not included. 3.Provide th…

Presenting Consulate General of Japan a Judy Flores Batik Print

This was a presentation to our departing Consul General of Japan, Izumi Seki, from the Nikkei Association of Guam during a reception for her at Government House on January 27, 2020.  She was instrumental in suggesting to Monica Guzman that the Museum should exhibit Judy’s art retrospective, Visualizing History- the Art of Judy Flores.  The art is a print of the large entrance piece, Guinahan I Isla-ta (Riches Of Our Island) owned by Dr. Roger Kaneshiro.  It was Consul-General Seki’s favorite piece.

"Pulan" Edward Leon Guerrero Brings My Thesis to Life!!

A Letter to The Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR FestPac is important By Judy Flores Printed December 3, 2019

     I grew up in InalĂ„han in the 1950s when historical knowledge was limited to the celebration of our American heritage, where we studied American heroes such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The CHamoru people were proud of their Spanish heritage, where white skin and long noses were signs of beauty. Ancient times were referred to as “tiempon antis de mannungu’ hit” or the time before we had knowledge. Schools celebrated international cultures instead of our own CHamoru culture. In sixth grade, our CHamoru principal taught our class a short hula dance where we wore muumuu dresses and kept rhythm with bamboo whisks while a hula-trained classmate danced to the tune of “My Little Brown Gal”. During family parties, old people danced the batsu and sotis while we youngsters giggled at them. The jukebox at the store next door played Elvis…